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Orig3n Promo Code 2017

Orig3n coupon,Orig3n coupons,Orig3n coupon code,Orig3n discount code,Orig3n promo code,Orig3n discount coupon. Orig3n sends your DNA test results straight to you via the smartphone or web app—no genetic counselor, no middleman. You can use those results to have more informed conversations with your healthcare providers, personal trainers, nutritionists, and the other specialists in your life.



Orig3n Discount Code 2017


Find the latest updated Orig3n coupon 2017 Orig3n promo code 2017 Orig3n discount code 2017 Orig3n coupon code 2017 Orig3n discount coupon. Orig3n scientists transform your cells into Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cells, a special type of cell with remarkable potential for healing damaged tissues and organs.


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About Orig3n —


We believe in the potential of an engaged and connected community.

In 2014, we embarked on a journey to create a human cell bank called LifeCapsule. Today, thanks to thousands of donors, it is the world’s largest. We’re continuing to develop a connected community of donors who are informed about their own health through their DNA, educated about regenerative medicine, and passionate about contributing to the greater good.

How Orig3n Work ?


Choose an Orig3n DNA test

Order from our online shop to have a collection kit sent directly to you, or buy a kit at any of our events.

Collect your DNA sample

Our kit makes the process simple. Just swab your cheek for 30 seconds, then send it to our lab in the prepaid envelope.

Don’t forget to register

It takes only a moment, and it’s how we know where to send your results. There are two ways to register.



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